How Does a Strong Core Benefit Soccer?


The abdominal muscles or core muscles are located in the torso, and these help keep you stable and capable of resisting any explosive attacks by your opponent during the game. Considering the intensity of encounters between one player and another in any soccer matches, it is important that you maintain stability in case you get into a collision with another person. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your balance and hurt yourself badly, which can result to a serious injury that may be tough to recover from.

Core Training in Soccer

Most people commonly refer to core training as having to do with the abdominal muscles. Areas that are targeted in core muscle training include the external and internal oblique exercises, transverse abdominus exercises and rectus abdominus exercises. However, there are other parts addressed such as the erector spinae, gluteus maximus, trapezius and latissimus dorsi, to name a few. These all need to be addressed and improved to obtain stronger abdominals needed in soccer, as well as other intensive sports.

Importance of Core Exercises

Below are some of the different benefits you can get from incorporating core exercises to your training program.

Maintain your balance.

The strength of your back, balance and proper posture are all made possible with the help of your erector spinae, which is a part of your abdominal muscles. If these muscles are undeveloped and weak, it will be difficult to hold your body up and keep it balanced. In addition to attaining balance, a good posture will also help lengthen your spine. Thus, you will stand (and feel) taller, which is beneficial when you are trying to head the ball and lead it towards your teammates or the goal. The right posture is also necessary in attaining the much-needed leverage and power with every kick, which gives you more accurate shots.

Keep your upper and lower body properly coordinated.

Strong and powerful core muscles also lead to coordination between your upper and lower body. Since soccer is all about making effective kicks and directing the ball where you want it to go, well-coordinated lower and upper body is essential in achieving these goals. As you volley the ball, you can get a good aim and go for the goal all the time.

Minimize risks of injuries.

While it may be inevitable to experience some body pains during the game due to attacks or collisions with another player, a strong core can spare you from serious injuries. Excellent core strength improves your fitness level, which means you are least likely to just fall or go through traumatic pains as you tackle or fend off your opponent in the game.

Improve Your Core Strength

As your core muscles become stronger, injuries to various areas of the body such as your legs and upper body can be prevented. Thus, it is important to build strong and powerful core muscles with abdominal exercises which include crunches, planks and jack-knives. Just be sure to consult a professional before you engage in any of these core exercises, so you can build strength gradually without causing more harm than good to your body.

How Does Cardio Training Benefit Soccer?

Soccer Goal

People who play soccer whether professionally or leisurely can expect numerous health benefits that come with this sport. In particular, it has a tremendous effect to one’s cardiovascular health as it requires several movements leaning towards improving your heart’s ability to pump blood more efficiently. Sprints, intervals of moderate to high-intensity workouts and aerobic exercises are all parts of every soccer training program. It is only a matter of performing your physical conditioning program under the supervision of your coach or a professional who specializes in this sport.

Cardio Training and Its Benefits to Soccer

Back then, soccer players who undergo cardio training mostly perform long distance running to improve endurance, which is important in this sport. There were also some aerobic exercises involved, as these are designed to promote greater stamina to help you last throughout the game. However, it is more beneficial and more effective to incorporate a combination of intense workouts with light exercises to push your body to its limits yet allowing your muscles to develop during periods of rest.

Interval training as a part of your cardio exercise program involves a combination of continuous high-intensity activities paired with lighter workouts followed by rest. You have to realize the importance of giving your body some time to recover and rebuild worn-out muscles, which can never be possible if you engage in intensive workouts for a prolonged period. Such type of workout leads to exhaustion, and this is the last thing you want if your goal is to maintain stamina and endurance as you play the sport.

Benefits of Interval Training

Unlike long-distance and high-intensity workouts, interval training helps develop skills that are important in soccer such as side shuffles, tackling opponents and jumping. These are critical skills that allow you to handle your opponents and make more field goals for your team. After all, the main purpose of this sport should remain as your primary objective when working out, and you can never achieve these when you are overly fatigued from your workouts due to lack of rest.

It is also worth noting that interval training during cardio workouts minimizes your risk of suffering from injuries as you run. Continuous running for long distances tends to wear out your joints and cause soreness. Over time, you may become susceptible to plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain and tendonitis. These conditions are never beneficial in sustaining your energy, which is very important in soccer.

Most importantly, interval training tears you away from the monotonous experience of performing the same workout routine for hours. Long-distance cardio exercises do not only wear you out easily, but these also take the fun and excitement out of your workouts. Hence, mixing up your routine gives you something to look forward to each training session, and your fitness level improves along the way.

Cardio training is indeed beneficial to soccer players as their endurance, stamina and agility improve over time. Just be sure that the duration and intensity of workouts are geared towards your own capacity, and there should be adequate time allotted for rest in between exercises to help your body recover and become more prepared for the game.

How Does Strength Training Benefit Soccer

Soccer Strength

In any sport, strength training is important in improving several areas of the body that are always at play during the game. Developing your physical strength is critical and essential at the same time in soccer, and it is what can separate you from mediocre players. With greater strength, you can become a highly competitive soccer player, plus it gives you the amount of energy and immense capacity to take on your opponents in this sport.

Benefits of Strength Training to Soccer

So, what are the key benefits you can get from strength training when you play soccer? Mainly, your core muscles are developed each time you engage in strength training exercises. Some exercises that target your abdominals include squats, sit-ups, push-ups and plank, to name a few. However, it is best to give yourself some time to rest a day or two after performing these exercises to give your body time to recover and repair muscles.

Strength training also improves your lower body, and this allows to sustain your energy as you run faster for longer periods. What’s more, strengthening your lower body is ideal for tackling, kicking the ball and running, which are key movements in soccer. You also want to be able to stay engaged and go for quick forward bursts and long-distance running as you try to get in control of loose ball during the critical moments of the game.

Lastly, strength training supports you in maintaining stability as you protect yourself from your opponents. It is important that you are able to shield your body and remain balanced with every explosive attack of the other team. Sudden turns and twists can lead to injuries, but if your upper body is strong, you will not be prone to serious pains even when you fend off your opponents.

Strength Training Tips

Although strength training is essential in various sports, this type of workout is sometimes set aside in exercise programs. More often than not, cardio exercises are put on the spotlight, and overall body strength end up being disregarded. Yet, players should maintain the endurance and stamina to face every challenge in the game – and total strength is required to go against even the toughest and most rugged opponents.

Considering this fact, core, upper and lower body strength must be developed through a series of exercises incorporated in the training program. With a strong core, you will be able to sustain balance and stability as your lower and upper body function in a coordinated manner. Agility and endurance are also enhanced, and you can recover faster after intensive workouts or challenging games.

The main thing is to do your strength training exercises the right way. Be sure to do your warm-ups first, and repetitions and weights you lift should be increased gradually to minimize any risks of injury. Furthermore, you should activate large muscle groups before you go about strength training. There are several drills that can be done to achieve this, and these all help you achieve strength without jeopardizing your body along the way.


Reasons to Join a Soccer Team

Soccer is a popular game not only among children, but also with adults. This sport fosters collaboration and teamwork while improving one’s overall health. As you play this sport, your body becomes stronger, your social skill is developed, and you experience a more enjoyable way of staying fit. With a wide range of movements involved in soccer, there is no boredom or monotony as you engage in this exciting game.

Kids SoccerBest Reasons to Join a Soccer Team

Since soccer is a team sport, it only follows that you consider joining a club or a group of people who share with your passion in playing this sport. You will discover how enriching it feels to be a part of a team and to be with other individuals who are as interested in soccer as you are. Moreover, training becomes meaningful and worthwhile as you perform your workout routines with the rest of your teammates.

Below are some reasons why joining a soccer team – and being engaged in this sport – makes perfect sense:

Become more motivated.

When you are with a team, it no longer feels like a drag to workout and train since being with like-minded individuals can be quite a motivating factor in any activity. As your team heads off to soccer training, your workouts become more enjoyable because you are not alone in this task. Each time you feel like you cannot continue with an exercise routine due to lack of faith in yourself, you can count on your teammates to encourage you and give you that boost you need to proceed.

Improve your social skills.

For individuals who are shy, aloof and uncomfortable when it comes to social situations, being a part of a soccer team should help them become more at ease around other people. The fact that you are working with a team, you will slowly feel comfortable dealing with others, and this helps when you are not the type of person who gets plenty of social interactions. As you become immersed in the game, you will find more meaning in it because of the company of individuals who are also passionate about this sport.

Develop your overall health.

More than anything, your health improves as you train and play the sport. Since there are different workouts you need to do to develop your skill such as cardio and strength training, your physique improves over time. To put it simply, you are working towards total development – both body and mind. As you become healthier, your confidence also improves since you feel great about body. This boost in confidence and self-esteem is beneficial as it brings out the best in yourself.

Bottom Line

You see, playing soccer and joining a team can do so much to your health and total development. As your body becomes stronger, frequent interactions with people who are also into this sport help motivate you in performing your workouts and striving towards the fulfillment of your team’s objectives. Thus, being in a soccer team will certainly do you good in more ways than one!